Discover the Best of Autumn in Asia

Many people think only of soaring temperatures and tropical rain forest when they dream of travelling in Asia. Yet, in many regions, there are distinct seasonal changes that transform the landscape and inspire celebration. A general cooling down from the sweltering heat of summer is just one reason to spend autumn in Asia, but the following events are spectacular enough to plan whole trips around.

Autumn Colours in China and Japan

Jiuzhaigou China

For those quintessentially autumnal colours, and the perfect ‘jacket-weather’, look no further than China and Japan. A sunset pallette of golds, yellows and reds complement the natural beauty of these two nations, transforming street corners, mountain temples and national parks across the region.

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Harvest in Vietnam and Laos

autumn in asia - Sapa Vietnam rice field

With the end of the monsoon season in South East Asia, the rice terraced mountains of Vietnam and Laos turn from vibrant green to sunshine yellow. Head into the rural towns, buzzing with activity, and experience the beauty of the harvest and the excitement that comes with it.

Destination Highlight: Sapa in Vietnam

Diwali in Singapore and Malaysia

Diwali Singapore

The Indian populations of Singapore and Malaysia come together in autumn to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness with the epic festival of Diwali. Associated with the goddess of prosperity this is one of the biggest celebrations of the year and is appropriately honoured with the lighting of thousands of lights and the giving of gifts to friends, family and businesses alike.

Destination Highlight: Little India in Singapore

Yi Peng and Loy Krathong in Thailand

Yipeng Loy Krathong Thailand

Thailand’s own ‘Festival of Lights’ are some of the most magical festivals in the region. Yi Peng and Loy Krathong both honor the importance of merit-making and good karma, with a symbolic releasing of lanterns as a release of ones sins. In the North of Thailand, sky lanterns are released for the Yi Peng festival and throughout the country, as well as the North, water-lanterns are released for Loy Krathong.

Destination highlight: Yi Peng in Chiang Mai

2016 dates for the best of autumn in Asia:

  • Mid-autumn festivals will take place across multiple nations from September 15th-17th
  • Diwali will be celebrated on and around October 29th
  • Loy Krathong will light up on November 16th


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